A Golden Story
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
By kimberly austin photography
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 Molly one of the sweetest dogs you will EVER meet! And yes, I'm also a little partial to her name since I have a Molly too, but my Molly is a black lab :)

I first had the opportunity to work with Molly as a surprise gift for Christmas for her "dad". Instantly I fell in love with her! How could you not...look at that face!

At the time Molly's mom and I discussed doing a full family session the following year, so here we are. Now I know I promised as the title says "A Golden Story" so you might want to go grab that tissue anytime now :)

Molly's story is one of many you hear of people getting a puppy and then the kids come along and then there's no time for the puppy whom is now an adult dog. Molly was one those, and I know what you are probably thinking, but please keep those thoughts to yourself. Molly's former owners surrendered her to the Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte which in my opinion was one of the BEST things they did for her because how else would she have wound up with such a WONDERFUL home.

Long story short...

Molly was placed with a foster where her sweet, big personality started to shine. She had pretty much been tucked away in the garage at her former owners and did not have a lot of interaction. She was hesitate and unsure. This was all new to her, new place, new smells, new people that wanted to give her attention.

Unaware to Molly her new home was getting ready to happen. 

The couple that adopted Molly were going through their own situations in life. Molly's new mom was going through cancer treatments. Yet they had found Molly online and went through all the paperwork not to mention the process of adopting from the rescue. Now once you do the paperwork there's the interview process and meet & greet etc. This is the first time Molly will meet her new mom & dad...

You've heard of love at first site? And you remember me saying Molly was a little unsure and hesitate?

Molly's "new" parents had an interview with the foster along with the meet & greet to see how each party (pet & adopters) interacted to see if this might be a good fit. Some things are just meant to be. Molly took right up with this couple like she was always suppose to be them. 

They say animals have a good sense about people. Maybe Molly knew her "mom" was going through something and needed comforting, maybe she knew these were the most wonderful loving people that would give her the love and home she deserved. Maybe she knew both.

Generally when these interviews happen you do not get to take the pet home then. But the good lord knew exactly what he was doing that evening when Molly and her new parents met. Molly's foster mom called whomever she has to speak with and told them they needed to let this couple take Molly home that night. Molly had already started to bond with couple and they to her. The lord works in mysterious way. 

Molly has been the greatest gift to this couple. She is loved by everyone. Afternoon walks in the neighborhood usually take a little longer since Molly actually brings folks out of their home when they see her pass to go greet her and say hello. Once you get to know Molly she is rather talkative herself :) As for Molly's mom she is cancer free. 

It has certainly been a pleasure to get to know Molly and her family whom now...I feel like they are part of mine. 

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Justine Scruggs - What a sweet gorgeous baby. So sorry for your loss.