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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
By kimberly austin photography
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Meet Gabby & Flint!

This inseparable pair has been together for seven years. You see Gabby is special needs, but in my book, she is simply special and Flint is her service dog.

Flint is 9 years old and came from a litter of puppies all named after "fire" kind of like flame, ember, etc. Which I thought was kind of cool! I recently found out that Flint is the last one left out of his litter. He is an absolute sweetheart, humble and kind, but his whole world revolves around Gabby. He always has his eye on her making sure she is safe. As you probably know service dogs help in many different ways for those that need them. Flint has helped detect seizures that Gabby usually has in her sleep. He has been a gift in Gabby's life and day to day activities.

Fun, vibrant and loving is how I can describe Gabby. She always has a smile on her face and ready for a big hug. That's not to say she's not a typical moody teenager she has her days but hey don't we all.

I have to say that until Gabby & Flint I had never been around anyone with a service dog on a personal level to see the bond they share with each other. When you see people with service dogs you know there is a lot of training involved and you know they help give their owner a freedom that they might not otherwise have. But to see them interact on a daily basis is a unique experience. There's one thing for sure Flint's heart beats for Gabby.

It is truly an honor to photograph them and learn their story.

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Lisa - Oh my word.... Love this! Flint gives her wings to fly and be herself, to share her talents, gifts and love. Thankful for Flint for Gabby, all organizations that train serivice animals for others and companies that spend their giving dollars to help make pairs like this happen!