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Friday, October 20, 2017
By kimberly austin photography
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Fall it's that time of year again and what does that usually mean? You guessed it FAMILY PORTRAITS! Mom is coordinating outfits trying to make the schedule work, the kids and hubby are not nearly as thrilled.  If you can answer YES to any of that, you're not alone. 

However, I'll be the first one to tell you to get over it. SMILE, HAVE FUN these are cherished memories in the making. Sure you have lots of snapshots but having professional portraits is something no one should skip. I can tell you that one of my most favorite memories at my grandmother's house was going to the livingroom (back then they had a den and livingroom) where all the portraits and albums were. The livingroom was only used for family gatherings, Christmas more formal things. My grandma had tons of photo albums FULL of snapshots throughout the years of EVERYTHING from babies, to new cars, to fishing trips you name it it was there. The walls and bookcases were adorned with the professional portraits. Oh! How I loved looking at all of them through the years of how everyone had changed or clothing styles differed. How family members were before your time as my grandma would say. It was truly a walk down memory lane when you entered the room. The memories and love simply filled the room. 

So the next time you hear "we need to get family portraits done" I hope this helps remind you that one day your daughter, son, grandkids, great grandkids may be looking back on all these wonderful memories. 

At Kimberly Austin Photography we think that preserving those memories are important and should FUN to make. Yes! You heard me FUN! When your family session is scheduled with us, you'll receive a copy of our Portrait Guide to help make your family portraits fun and unforgettable. We look forward to creating the moment...the magic...the memory... for you and your family. 





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