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Friday, August 04, 2017
By kimberly austin photography
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International Print Competition (IPC)....or what I like call "Where the BIG dogs play!" This competition is not for the faint of heart by any means. I've been a member of PPA-Professional Photographers of America for quiet sometime now and never really considered entering print competition until a couple of years ago. It took two years of sitting in on the judging and listening to the at times brutal scores and comments to finally muster up the nerve to enter myself. 

You see you do not just enter into competition would that be easy! There are 12 elements to an image that will be look at and only about 6000 entries. This is where some of the BEST photographers show what they can create.

Well this year I took the leap of faith! With constant encouragement from my "girlie girls" (some close photographer friends) and a dear friend that helped mentor me through the process. I entered. Gulp!

And the results.... My first two Merited images"Shelter Angel" and "Breathe" that will be in the PPA General collection. 

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